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"80" Farewell dark gray monotony of office furniture – MIGE office furniture

"80" Farewell dark gray monotony of office furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Who says there is only black and white tone office office furniture is suitable, not only black and white tone office office furniture it seems stable. Today’s society, as may occur after 80 boss, office furniture will also accept a 80 after a fashion, assertive personality into the office furniture designs, the fresh effort to 80 would show their personality boss high grade Office life.
MiG office furniture showroom in Guangzhou, everywhere you can see the line with 80 fashion personality style office furniture. Bar desk, European petals bloom stations and so on. Most of the previous selection of hemp office furniture, fireproof board, metal, glass and other materials, are now slowly accepted plastics, resins and other new materials. Not only is more full of colors and designs spiritual movement, bar, wine cabinet, tea cabinet furniture rich pleasures of life more and more.

Each office furniture has its own language, yes, the Guangzhou office furniture design MiG-80 is consistent with the language of a representative of the boss. In addition to the introduction of the design concept of home furniture, the most important is the more ergonomic design, in order to render the principle of bionics unique cocoon-shaped lumbar support, to achieve a supportive and the perfect combination of lightweight, adjustable neck design is greatly ease the family office common Yaosuanbeiteng. “Seat material for glass fiber and nylon, if not careful butts off up, it will not produce damage color we chose some white, orange, yellow, purple and other colors with pleasure, such as Jiang Zi with pale blue remarkable elegance, lemon yellow light gray remarkable vitality ride, motivates employees desire to work. ”

Guangzhou office furniture company salesman Miss Tang said that black gray office furniture has become history. In this era of publicity after 80 black gray on this era has slowly gone away, to choose their own personality office furniture boss after 80 more. Therefore, the Guangzhou office furniture factory in the design of color above considerations specifically for the boss after 80, or after 80 designers specifically for the various bosses are more specifically tailored trend colors for them to choose.

Times are changing, Guangzhou MiG office furniture design concept is changing, to bid farewell to those so-called farewell dark gray office furniture must demand from the market to change him, only to change the kind of monotonous, Guangzhou MiG Office Furniture Chamber furniture entirely by the bright colors to bring you a lot of impact, welcome customers to visit next MiG office furniture stylish atmosphere, this summer, Guangzhou MiG furniture brings a lot of fresh and elegant, youthful vigor office furniture.

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