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Acceptance of office furniture from what the quality? – MIGE office furniture

Acceptance of office furniture from what the quality? – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Office furniture from production to acceptance in fact have experienced a lot of processes, but to the acceptance of this process, a lot of consumers feel unable to start, as a consumer to purchase a good quality office furniture is good, because a good office furniture right a corporate image and corporate employee health plays an extremely important one indirect effect.

You, as a consumer, if the furniture is not very understanding of knowledge, then this piece of office furniture acceptance is difficult to start, but also the acceptance of office furniture determines your acceptance of the value for money is an important key points, perhaps Many consumers would say I am a layman how does it know how to acceptance? As consumers, only relying on the appearance of office furniture and some of his own up some of the features required to identify, in fact, this is probably a way, the following is the Guangzhou office furniture company based on some experience to engineer acceptance of office furniture The quality.

1, check whether the office furniture, four feet flat. The purchase of the furniture placed in the ground, use your hand to shake it, to see if stable, because the smooth semi Buddha that is directly related to the stability of functional furniture.

2, check the Office Furniture Edge. If the edge do not, there will absorb moisture, swell and damage, the acceptance, you can hand to clasp it corners, if a deduction on the up, indicating that edge with glue or there is a problem The.

3, on the acceptance of chairs, square tables, bar tables, chairs and other leg should have four triangular clamp, fixed effect, the selection can take a look at the tables and chairs upside down, pack cloth chairs can touch a touch.

4, table inspection methods, tables can shake hands shake, look stable instability.

5, sofa, inspection methods, can sit on a sofa, get a move on if creaking sound, a shake to shake, indicating that there is no good junction securely connected, it will reduce the use of time.

6, the acceptance of office furniture desk, take a look at the desktop is flat, not arched or gooseneck, if the desktop raised, put up the glass will spin; if the desktop recessed, put a pressure on the glass broken.

7, inspection door way, pay attention to check doors, drawers parting should not be too large, hard to pay attention to horizontal straight, the door can not sag.

8, veneer seam Yan lax, either veneer or PVC, should pay attention to whether the paste was smooth, with or without drum kits, blistering, loose patchwork phenomenon.

Many businesses are put quality goods that agency as their survival. An office furniture made of quality is good in bad lies in their details, if you are in the acceptance time, and more to note down these little details, I think this acceptance is also very easy to do.

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