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Buy office wall before the preparatory work to be done – MIGE office furniture

Buy office wall before the preparatory work to be done – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News
With China’s economic development, many young people to start their own after 80 entrepreneurial path, but it has chosen for the company’s employees opened office wall, it is still somewhat unfamiliar road. Looking to buy office furniture is a simple thing, but it is more difficult real thing. Guangzhou office furniture company in selecting office wall before some of the preparatory work.We choose the office wall, first to measure up your office or place to place screen card size, if dimensions are not measured well, then will be more congestion, so, employees at work uncomfortable,Here is Guangzhou MiG engineers in selecting office furniture office furniture, Guangzhou given some suggestions:

One, you first need to measure your engineers to the field office wall display space

Guangzhou MiG office furniture engineers based on customer demand, the office space needs to place several office wall, and then measured the size of the place you want to draw a sketch of office wall. Then look more appropriate place several office wall.

2, where a look whether there are obstacles placed

Fixed work place, they must have good good office to determine whether there are obstacles, because stations are usually placed in rows, if there are obstacles in the center, then emissions must be designed and considered when placed in the way of .

3, the station and the spacing between the working position

Usually according to the Guangzhou office furniture MiG engineer’s experience, we usually set up stations with station spacing of the time we are all set in 1.5 meters, if it is the customer’s space is limited, it can be appropriate to reduce a little, but to Taking into account the actual situation, can not be reduced too small, so even individuals are sitting high.

4, the design office wall station placed

Public Screens station there are many ways of placing a single row of emissions, double face display, but the words of a single row of emission preferred a larger space, if the space is relatively small, then the proposal is still double emission, which requires under the circumstancesdepends. Office wall placed is very important.

5 Select the station office wall style and color

A company’s image is started from scratch and do, a company’s office furniture design, but also from its office wall style began, office wall colors according to your company’s overall environment to be.

Five points above the Guangzhou office furniture to the MiG some suggestions if you need to buy office wall, you can always contact 020-37349654, we will give you more reference recommendations.

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