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CH2O-How to Kill It? – MIGE office furniture

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CH2O-How to Kill It? – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

1、How to lower the concentration of CH2O in our house?

To reduce CH2O content, the fundamental measure migeof furniture lies in using low-concentration or even no-CH2O inside decoration and building material. Also, make sure the painting coating has fully cured when finishing surface decoration, this helps to form a stable layer which can suppress the CH2O release.


   When choosing furniture, we’d better choose the one smells less pungent. Because the more pungent the furniture smells, the more CH2O it can release. Meanwhile, we should make sure the edge of particle board is sealed. If circumstances permitted, the new furniture office chair should be remained unoccupied for some time before put into use.

2、What measures can we take to dilute the CH2O?

The primary measure is to strengthen the ventilation of our house.


  Besides, we can have some plants which can absorb CH2O in our house. Plants like cactus, chlorophytum comosum, gerbera jamesonii, bulrush, Hedera Helix, sago cycas, chrysanthemum are very suitable.

The customers are also suggested to use reliable air cleaner to absorb CH2O and other pollutions.

Deodorant and Formaldehyde Catching Agent are as well as helpful on neutralize the traditional sofa harmful gas existing in the air. After using for a long time, pollution gas will be eliminated from the air, so the air can meet the standards.

These measures are all for avoiding the harmful influence the CH2O bring to us.


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