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China’s Leading Office Furniture Factory

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China’s Leading Office Furniture Factory

|June 29, 2022 | News

Leading Office Furniture Factory

Listed below are some of the top Chinese manufacturers of Office Furniture. We have listed Sentu, Haworth, Autonomous, and Kinwai Commercial Furniture for your reference. These manufacturers have a combined production capacity of over 80000 square meters. They employ over 600 production staff and 200 senior technicians. They have a 6000 square meter marketing center with 100 professional marketing personnel and sell their products to over 500 distribution outlets.


Sentu, one of the largest office furniture factories in China, specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly office furniture. Its integrated business model offers one-stop solutions for office furniture and services. With over five hundred direct sales outlets and 500 distribution outlets around the world, Sentu furniture is available in a variety of designs and styles to suit your office environment. Founded in 2004, Zhenming Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai and produces a wide range of furniture.

Sentu focuses on the manufacturing of high-end office furniture, including executive, administrative, and executive desks. Other office furniture products include conference tables, sofa/tea tables, and file cabinets. The company has built a reputation for producing top-quality products and is now among the top ten office furniture manufacturers in China. The ONLEAD Group’s focus on sourcing high-end materials and advanced manufacturing technology has helped it position itself as a global leader in high-end office furniture.

Sentu manufactures furniture for many industries. Their production facilities are located in Foshan, Guangdong. They have a 320-square-meter production base and employ more than 800 skilled professionals and technicians. The factory’s annual output value is over one hundred million rmb. Moreover, Sentu is a family-run business, which means its products have a high level of quality.

Lamex is a leading office furniture manufacturer in Greater China. It operates showrooms and sales offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Chongqing. The company maintains a comprehensive distribution network in Asia and Singapore, where it recently opened its first direct sales office. Its manufacturing plant houses its design and testing facilities, as well as administrative, training, and warehousing functions.


The online office furniture retailer, Autonomous, is known as an innovator of modern, smart office furniture solutions. It was founded in 2015 and is a leader in the smart working movement. Its employees are software engineers and hardware engineers who approach the client’s office furniture needs holistically. As a result, the company offers a variety of wholesale office furniture solutions. For more information, visit the Autonomous website. Here are some of the top features of Autonomous’ products.

The first benefit that customers can expect from Autonomous is affordable prices. This manufacturer began by offering a single product, the Smart Desk, and has expanded to offer a wide variety of products in various categories. Each product is tailored to fit the individual needs of the end-user. It also provides ergonomic office tools and accessories to increase employee productivity. It has also responded to the workplace pandemic, offering new software solutions. The Autonomous office furniture factory offers a wide variety of options for any workspace.

The SmartDesk Core from Autonomous is a popular standing desk that has transformed the working environment of thousands of people around the world. The SmartDesk allows users to alternate between sitting and standing while at work, promoting a healthier lifestyle. The Autonomous showroom also offers same-day standing desk delivery. In addition, many of the products offered by the company are made of environmentally-friendly materials. By focusing on quality and sustainability, Autonomous has a high reputation for their products.


The story of Haworth Inc. began as a garage shop enterprise by a high school shop teacher who wanted to make money for his children’s education. In 1966, he borrowed $10,000 from his parents to begin making furniture. The company quickly grew to over a billion dollars and employed over 100 people. It was a family-owned business that has maintained a tradition of excellence and innovation throughout the years.

The company has evolved into an industry leader with its award-winning product offerings and dedication to design and innovation. Its growth can be attributed to the dedication of the people behind the company. Haworth strives to bring out the best in every product and design. The company works closely with leading architects and designers to deliver a distinctive experience. As a global manufacturer, it offers the flexibility and customization that is essential for a successful business.

Haworth began in 1948 with a woodworking shop in the garage of its founder, Gerrard W. Haworth. The young man had been teaching industrial arts at a high school in Holland, Michigan, and wanted to turn his passion into a full-time business. He first applied for a small loan from a bank and was turned down because he had no business experience. He then used the money from his parents’ life savings to hire people and start a business. He eventually grew into a vice-president of research and development, while serving in the U.S. Army.

The company offers a wide variety of workspace solutions, including panel-based systems and a variety of configurations. These panels can help maximize office space and create a collaborative work environment that inspires employees. If your office furniture needs repair or replacement, consider Haworth’s panel-based systems. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll find many ways to do so at a lower price than buying new.

Kinwai Commercial Furniture

Kinwai Commercial Furniture is a large enterprise that offers an extensive portfolio of contemporary office furniture. Its expertise spans the whole manufacturing process, from conception to delivery. The company is dedicated to creating comfortable and efficient spaces for both employees and clients. In addition, it offers environmentally friendly manufacturing technology and materials. Its after-sales service is second to none. Its innovative office furniture and innovative design processes are helping to create a sustainable environment for the planet.

The company has been manufacturing commercial and residential furniture for almost 30 years, and has a solid background in the industry. Founded in 1993, Kinwai Group aims to create a better living and working environment for all its customers. Its domestic branches concentrate on manufacturing and selling office furniture. This allows the company to design and produce furniture that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of business environments.

The company has won numerous awards, including the German iF Design Award, the American IDEA International Design Excellence Award, the Red Star Award, and the Red Cotton Award. Its products have received recognition from both high and medium-end customers and are the preferred choice of international clients. The company has a dedicated manufacturing base in Guangdong and over 800 professional and technical staff. Its annual output value exceeds one hundred million rmb.

Onlead is another leading office furniture factory in China. This company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end office furniture. The company has a production base in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and three manufacturing bases in Beijing and Shanghai. Its products include administrative desks, board tables, conference tables, and sofa/tea chairs. Its offices have earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies.


ONLEAD Office Furniture Factory was established in 1996. It has been a leading manufacturer of intelligent office furniture, medical furniture, elderly care, education, scientific research institutions, serviced apartments, and product partitions. The company has three manufacturing bases in East and South China. Its high-tech facilities are well-equipped to produce all types of furniture. Among its product lines, office partitions are a specialty. The company also uses innovative manufacturing equipment from Germany and Japan.

ONLEAD is based in Guangzhou. Its production base is located in Guangzhou’s Onlead Industrial Park. The factory offers a full range of office furniture products including board, solid wood, and steel products. Its office furniture products are used in offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Among its clients are Coca-Cola, Siemens, and Alibaba. Onlead also provides services related to IT, finance, and real estate.

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