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Chinese Classical Furniture During Song and Ming Dynasty – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Chinese Classical Furniture During Song and Ming Dynasty – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

As a country with a long history, China has a profound and splendid culture. guangzhou office furniture As only as China’s culture can be extended to the world for five thousand years. Passing down from the Qin Dynasty, the Chinese history has gone through many dynasties. Many different styles of furniture have appeared through the development and evolution in these dynasties, these furniture are collectively referred as Chinese classical furniture.

The style of Chinese classical furniture is not always the same, it has been constantly evolving in different dynasties. Among them, the most profound impact on the style caused from are Wei, Jin, Tang, Song, Ming dynasties. The Song dynasty office chair is not only the most strong on economy, its culture is also unprecedented prosperity. This time is an unprecedented period in the history of Chinese furniture, it is also an era of unprecedented popularity of furniture. Song Dynasty furniture in the overall style presents the straight and beautiful features. Its decoration inherited the Five Dynasties style, which tends to be simple and elegant, it not for large-scale carving decoration, but only to take part of the embellishment in order to effect the finishing touch. Song Dynasty furniture style can be summarized as simple, natural and elegant. Its most distinctive artistic feature is the beauty of simplicity. Later, the world-renowned exquisite Ming-style furniture has directly affected by the Song Dynasty furniture, from which it can be seen that how great influence of the office sofa Song Dynasty is.

After long-term development and evolution, Chinese classical furniture ultimately has reached the peak in the Song and Ming dynasties. Office furniture company believes that if you want to understand the development of Chinese classical furniture, the two dynasties is always standing in the way.

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