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Ergonomic Chairs – Common Myths About Ergonomics That Are False

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Ergonomic Chairs – Common Myths About Ergonomics That Are False

|September 17, 2021 | News

Ergonomic Chairs

If you’re looking for a way to improve your office environment and your health, ergonomic chair ratings are the best place to start. An ergonomic chair will enhance your health while preventing injuries. It may even save you money.

In a study of laboratory studies performed at the University of California-Irvine, researchers concluded that those who used an ergonomic office chair had: longer periods of work completed per hour, lower rates of repetitive movement, and lower blood pressure. An ergonomic chair will also improve your posture, thereby reducing back, neck and shoulder pain. It also prevents bad sitting posture from setting in. One study of lab studies performed at the University of California-Irvine showed that adjustable height ergonomic office chairs able to successfully reduce the risk of lower extremity injury or disability. One study of long-term office sitting demonstrated that individuals who frequently adjust their chairs increased their levels of perceived office productivity and improved their job performance.

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to be comfortable and provide support while you work. Traditional office chairs are typically hard and uncomfortable and can cause neck and back problems over time. They may also contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating and potentially life-threatening condition that can occur when workers spend too much time in a forward (hersward) position in a work chair. Traditional office chairs also typically offer only limited lumbar support and are poorly manufactured. In comparison, ergonomic office chair designs are made with higher quality materials and a variety of features that allow workers to move comfortably while seated in their chairs.

Office Chair Swivel

Office Chair Swivel


An ergonomic office chair is one that has all of the necessary features and adjustments to properly support your spine and back. Typically, an ergonomic chair will feature adjustable arms that are up and out of the way of the user, providing both greater mobility and better posture while you are working at your desk. Likewise, the chair will feature wide, adjustable legs that reach the floor, rather than being stuck in a small or stationary chair when you need to move. The chair will also typically have adjustable arms that can be adjusted to be either fully extended or fully retracted, allowing you to make similar changes to other standard office chairs without having to get up.

Another common myth about ergonomics in the workplace is that it is a terrible design for your home office. Furniture like a traditional office chair or treadmill are not designed with ergonomics in mind. In fact, some home offices may actually be more ergonomic than a traditional office. For example, many ergonomic office chair models do not have seat depth controls, meaning that you will not be able to make small adjustments to your desk height. This can be a problem for people who like to spend a lot of time in front of their computers at their desk, as they will always be unable to make the most of their comfortable desk chairs.

Finally, most people think that an ergonomic chair will have lumbar support, but this is not true in many cases. In fact, many ergonomic chair models do not include any lumbar support at all, which can lead to a number of problems with lower back pain. You will not be able to take long, straining “stand-up” stretches and sit-ups with an incorrect posture because the force on your lower back is already too great. So don’t be fooled by the hype when it comes to buying your next ergonomic chair!

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