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Existing Tough Situation in Furniture Market – MIGE office furniture

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Existing Tough Situation in Furniture Market – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

“Our existing customer’s sales have been sluggish,” said Rick China office furniture Mantin president “Mind you, these are the customers that were strong enough to weather the tough business climate that we have seen for the past decade and still remain in business. The overall U.S. economy, with only 1% growth for the past eight years, has really taken its toll on our existing customers’ business.”

Business was flat to slightly up at Milberg Factors, which Dan Milberg senior vice president, said “has been on par with expectations.” He cited fewer doors at retail, flat consumer wages and uncertainty about the presidential election as 1ctors. Baron & Associates, a strategic partner of private commercial finance company Rosenthal & Rosenthal, expected a tough year.

“We have predicted for a year that there would likely be a downturn in credit availability in the furniture market space and that seems to be what we’ve all been witnessing this year.” said Mike Baron, president. “As in years past, China office chair manufacturer Baron and Rosenthal have been preparing for that downturn and focused on providing more value to our furniture clients through innovation and smarter technology which has had a significant impact on their businesses. “When businesses feel the squeeze on their bottom lines, our needle always moves.” DSA Factors actually exceed edits expectations in the past six months, picking up several new clients.

“We are finding many of these new clients are continuing to supply product that Is manufactured overseas, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Honduras, etc., and especially as is the case with the Asian manufacturers, they require payment China office sofa factory in full for their product prior to its shipping to the U.S.,” said Howard Tolsky, president “So companies need to be funded for their invoices immediately instead of them waiting for payments from their customers in 30 to 60 days.”


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