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Guangzhou Office Furniture Factory Teaches You to Choose Solid Wood Furniture – MIGE office furniture

Guangzhou Office Furniture Factory Teaches You to Choose Solid Wood Furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Solid wood furniture is the kind of relatively high-end furniture, therefore, there is a lot of fake and shoddy products on the market. Consumers when purchasing solid wood furniture, must carefully select guangzhou office furniture and identify to avoid  inferior products. Here, Guangzhou office furniture factory will share with you some skills and knowledge when selecting solid wood furniture.

Guangzhou office furniture factory summarized selection techniques of solid wood furniture as four aspects, namely, observing the advantages and disadvantages of wood, paying attention whether there is defect on the wood, determining whether the furniture is really made of solid wood, and judging what wood is the furniture made of. Among them, to determine whether the furniture is really made of solid wood is particularly important.


The secret to determine whether it’s solid wood furniture is to look office sofa at its grain and knots. Such as a good cabinet door, the pattern on its frontage should correspond to its reverse side. In addition, to see the scar is a good way to identify whether it’s made of solid wood: locating the scar on one side, and then in the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern.


In addition, the characteristic of solid wood furniture is natural and environmentally friendly. Guangzhou office furniture factory regards that good solid wood furniture must be equipped with the above two points. Conference desk The biggest feature of solid wood furniture is environment-friendly, because it is selected from the row material. Good wood furniture make people feel quiet and enjoy returning to nature. In the production process of solid wood furniture, the amount of glue using is very small, because the amount of glue impacts the level of environmental protection. Traditional paint was abandoned on furniture surface, instead, the use of natural pollution-free wood wax oil, as a wood surface protection , will make environmental protection to extremely extent.

Compared to other materials, Guangzhou office furniture factory holds the view that the selection of solid wood furniture is still relatively simple, as long as the selects the high-level row material.

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