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Guangzhou Office Furniture Manufacturers Introduces Office Partition Roundly – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Guangzhou Office Furniture Manufacturers Introduces Office Partition Roundly – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

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Office partition, generally refers to the migeof office furniture wall partition, is a kind of office furniture used to segment the office space. Its function is the same as the traditional physical wall, except that it is movable, and can be decorative and so on. Office partition is essential for modern office space. Now, let’s understand some of the knowledge and common sense about the partition wall with the Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers.

The office partition can be divided into six types, according to its application, office desk function, form, material, nature and shape. Now, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers come with you to introduce some of the most common ones.


By form it can be classified as: single glass office partition, double glass office partition

By function: office furniture partition, office partition wall, office door partition, office curtain partition.

By nature: the fixed Office partitions, the movable office partition.

By Material: Office partition board, glass office partition, metal office partition.

After introducing the types of partition, now let’s look at the advantages of partition.


First, also the most important is safe, durable and fireproof. The partition system consists of metal structure. Material like glass and color steel plate are also fireproof.

Second, the inside structure can be easily implemented cable repairing and paving.

Third, there are a variety of materials select. It’s easier to follow the prevailing fashion element like elegant, simple, sophisticated and so on.

Fourth, sound insulation effect, partition wall has a very good sound insulation.

Whether it is office partition or home partition, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturer believes that partition now is the most important decoration product has been widely used.

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