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Home Office Furniture Need Higher Flexibility – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture Need Higher Flexibility – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Home office performance relative to the industry in general was little more than flat in 2016, but for vendors and retailers really paying attention to the category when it comes to product development for the former and merchandising for the latter, it represents an opportunity for growth next year. According to Furniture Today market research, home office sales should increase to $6.49 billion Guangzhou office furniture manufacturer by year’s end, a 2.8% increase over 2015. That compares with an overall Industry increase of 2.7% in 2016 to $104.8 billion In furniture and bedding sales. Last year, home office sales were up 3.5%, compared with a 3.9% increase overall.

Home office’s share of the furniture and bedding business remained steady at 6% of total industry sales. As in home entertainment, modularity and space-friendliness that accommodates associated technology efficiently is a key in home office. Adjustable heights in desks remain another area of focus for vendors.

Home office is an exciting category at BDI. “Having an efficient work environment within your home has become a very important need to many consumers. Developing functional and efficient products, all with exceptional Guangzhou office conference desk manufacturer design that improves not only how you work but is better for you as well, is an area we excel in,” said BDI President Lori Kelley. “For example, our power stand/sit lift desks, which provide a large work surface of micro etched tempered glass. offer a height position tailored to your own needs at the touch of a button. The height is adjust able from 25- to 50-inches overall, and with four memorized pre-set heights that you determine, it is really customized to individual needs.

“There are so many opportunities in this important category of product that we believe we have only just tapped into.” Hooker Furniture Executive Vice President Hank Long said executive home office has slowed down somewhat in the China negotiation desk provider last two years but is still very significant because of the dollar volume that comes with a five-to six-piece sale for a dedicated office room.

Traditional styling remains the most popular style for (these) office products7 he said. Long anticipates growth from Hooker Furniture’s Work-well program of freestanding desks with matching file cabinets, bookcase and utility cabinets. “Freestanding desks are selling in all sizes with below 60-inches showing the fastest growth in this category” he said. “The new House Blend format will also drive growth in home office because of the flexible nature of this new category.”

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