Modern Conference Room Tables

Modern Conference Room Tables

Modern Conference Room Tables

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The conference table is the single most important piece of furniture for any executive office or meeting room. It is where contracts are signed & trust built.

The table must be long enough to accommodate your colleagues comfortably while leaving at least 3 feet of walkway around its perimeter. There are a few different options to consider.


Whether you have a boardroom or an open collaborative space, conference tables are essential. While conference rooms themselves are not necessarily a new addition to offices, the way we use them is. During meetings, employees discuss important business matters, share information and collaborate.

Using a conference table that offers the right amount of surface area helps create the ideal work environment. For example, a boat-shaped table offers plenty of room for documents and other materials. It also provides plenty of seating space for the team members sitting around it. These features make the boat shaped conference table a perfect option for any modern office.

Aside from its beautiful curves, a boat-shaped conference table has the added benefit of fitting well into spaces with limited wall space. This type of conference table is a great fit for a meeting space that has oblong walls. This is especially true if the room has glass windows, which can be difficult to accommodate with a traditional rectangular conference table.

Boat-shaped conference tables offer the same durability and performance as other types of commercial furniture, such as wood veneer or laminate surfaces. These tables can be easily cleaned and maintained with water-based cleaning products. Most importantly, they are designed to meet ANSI/BIFMA quality test standards and have a limited lifetime warranty.

One example of a modern boat-shaped conference table is the Potenza Series from Corp Design. It comes in sizes ranging from eight to twenty feet and seats six to eight people comfortably. This table features a durable laminate construction and a ten year warranty from the manufacturer. It also comes with wire grommets for cable management, which is a must-have feature for any conference room.

Another excellent choice for office spaces that need to accommodate more than eight people is the Harmony Conference Tables series. Its sturdily constructed slab leg panel bases feature a modesty panel and center support. These panels are available in five finish colors and provide an elegant, clean look. This table is also available in an oblong shape to accommodate more chairs and fit better into a more modern layout.


Modern conference tables feature multi-piece tabletops that assemble to form one smooth surface. Larger tabletop designs may use two or even three separate tabletops that attach to each other via steel cam posts and plates for stability. These types of conference room tables often have a wood veneer finish for aesthetic appeal. They also feature inlay patterns or grooves that accentuate the table’s design. Inlay patterns typically feature cutouts of various wood tones finished with a different color for contrast. These decorative accents are designed to resemble real wood grain for an authentic look.

Many of the modern conference room tables available online and in our showroom include a wide array of accessories to enhance their functionality. These include conference table power modules and wire management features. These accessories connect to the table’s legs or base components and help conceal technology and computer cables within the frame for a cleaner, more professional appearance. Some of these accessory options allow you to charge electronics while they’re in use, while others provide a convenient place for people to plug in and unplug during meetings.

These accessories are typically available for most standard conference table sizes. These include rectangular, oval and boat-shaped conference tables, as well as classroom-style boardroom table configurations. These configurations are suited for medium-sized rooms and allow people to focus on the presentation or group work without distractions from other participants around them. Many of these types of conference tables also offer a U-shaped design with open center for allowing presenters to move in the middle and directly interact with each person at the table. Many of these table designs may also incorporate a modesty panel on the inside edge to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall table frame.

Other conference table accessories that can be found on some models are expansion capabilities and adjustable-height bases. These features increase the versatility of your meeting room furniture and ensure that the table will be able to accommodate a variety of office seating heights. Adjustable-height conference tables are a great solution for offices with telecommuters or employees who often change positions throughout the day to promote good posture and health. These models are typically equipped with chrome lower legs and a central adjustment mechanism to make it easy to raise or lower the tabletop for the perfect working height.


When you’re looking for a modular conference table, you have many different options. Most come in a few sections that you can arrange as you want. The most common shape is rectangular, but you can also find U-shaped and L-shaped models. This allows you to create a large conference table or a small one.

The Cherryman Amber 10′ Expandable Conference Table features a modular design and offers plenty of storage space underneath the surface. You can even fit the table under your existing conference chairs, making it easy to move when you need more space. You can also choose from a variety of finishes to match your room’s décor.

Another great option is the Global Zira 42′ High Collaborative Standing Table. This table can be used both as a sitting and standing conference table, and it’s comfortable for up to 12 people. It’s made from a durable material and has a stylish appearance that fits in with any modern office decor. This table is a great choice for any type of meeting, and it comes with a grommet hole that provides power for everyone at the table.

This conference table has a modular design and is easy to assemble. It has a black surface that’s easy to clean and suits any room design. It can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, and it includes a grommet hole that can accommodate up to three USB ports, a phone port and two electric outlets. This feature helps to keep the table neat while allowing people to plug in their computers.

Modular conference tables are a great way to save money on an expensive new office table. They also offer flexibility and can be reconfigured as your business grows or needs change. Some modular conference tables include a bridge section that connects to the center of the table and runs all electronics, including computers, through it. This eliminates the need for core drilling and can make your conference room future-proof.

There are hundreds of conference table designs to choose from, and selecting the right one is a big decision. It’s important to consider the amount of seating you need, how you meet with your team and whether you need a writable surface. It’s also a good idea to check out our conference table buying guide for more tips and information.


Modern conference tables offer a fresh and stylish look for your meeting space. These modern office furniture pieces can help you communicate your company’s vision and brand to your team and clients. They also promote collaboration and encourage the sharing of ideas. They can also help you combat “meeting fatigue” caused by long meetings. These meeting tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the right one for your company.

A white conference table is a great option for a contemporary business that wants to convey its image as sleek, stylish, and professional. This type of conference table is usually made from solid wood with a veneer top. Its surface is coated with melamine to resist damage and staining. It has a high-quality finish that is easy to clean. This durable conference table can last for a long time and is a good investment.

Some conference tables feature an oval or racetrack shape, which is a great balance between rectangular and circular designs. These tables can seat more people than a circle and can take up less room than a rectangular table. They also have rounded corners, which are more stylish than square or rectangular tables.

Another type of conference table is a U-shaped design, which can be used for a small group or a large group. These tables can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. They are a perfect choice for a flexible work environment and can be relocated to another room easily. However, be careful to select a size that fits the space. A large conference table can be a distraction in a small room and may make it difficult to move around.

Many modern conference tables have a fully integrated power and data module, which means that all the cords are hidden under the tabletop. This eliminates clutter and makes it easier to keep your meetings organized. These tables also come in a variety of finishes and shapes. You can choose from different types of bases, from brushed stainless steel to a variety of simulated wood grain finishes.

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