Nearly 20% of consumers have used an interior furniture designer – MIGE office furniture

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Nearly 20% of consumers have used an interior furniture designer – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

According to exclusive research from migeof Furniture Today, 19% of consumers have used an interior designer. One consumer from the South explains that she hired an interior designer because she “wanted fresh eyes on current furniture placement and help in selecting additional pieces and window treatments.”

The top three factors in importance to consumers when they chose the interior designer they would ultimately use are the services offered with 89%, experience with 88% and reputation with 85%. Cost was the fourth most important factor with 79%. Having an eco-friendly interior designer was the least important influence with 42%.

For respondents who have used an interior designer in the past, 87% of them said designers were most effective at having a cohesive vision. This aligns with why consumers said they would retain an interior designer. As one respondent from the Midwest said, she hired an interior designer to make “sure the flow of the entire house melds and that it fits the desired style.”

The next factor at which consumers said designers were most effective, at 85%, was designing the space to be functional. A consumer from the South hired a designer “to apply the idea and vision of the design we had in mind into a functional and appealing result.”

At 84%, the third factor respondents identified designers as most effective was improving the value of the home. A respondent from the Midwest stated that she would hire an interior designer “to make a house feel like a home and increase the value of the home.”

These same themes of flow and function appear in reasons why consumers would consider using an interior designer, whether or not they had used one in the past. One respondent from the Midwest stated, “I want to have a design that is functional, but also ties in with the style in the rest of our home.”

Additional themes as to why consumers would consider using an interior designer include time savings, expertise, perspective and access to vendors and ideas. A china office desk manufacturer consumer from the West said, “One reason I would consider an interior designer would be because they have the access to many different products and different looks, which would give me more options, plus they have more experience with what works and what doesn’t work.”

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