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New Approaches of Occasional Tables – MIGE office furniture

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New Approaches of Occasional Tables – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

In addition to offering a gamut of styles, Coast to Coast has moved toward a more collection-oriented approach in occasional tables, offering not only cocktails and ends, but also accompanying pieces such as bookshelves China office furniture and media cabinets to round out the selection.

Retailers “might just buy the bookcase and media piece instead of the tables, and we’ve had success with that,” Stein said “We’re doing fewer stand-alone table groups and doing more frill collections.” Coast to Coast will stick at its middle price points, covering a range of styles from traditional to transitional. “If you offer a really good look at a really good value, it will be successful,” Stein said “Because of our better/best strategy, you’ll see items from Hooker that will be true trend/style leaders in the upper price range along with items that; while very unique China office chair manufacturer and exciting are more value driven,” said Hook&Watson. “Regardless of the price point; innovations in design and material usage are leading the market today.” He added that, in 2017, occasional table buyers at Hooker will see things “that have never been seen before and will generate a lot of ‘ooh’s and aah’s’, along with a lot of sales for our retail partners.” Styles and function Mixed media in tables will continue to prevail regardless of price point or style next year Glass and metal, woven fibers plus treatments in stone should add some style chops to the basic wood table when it comes to complementing contemporary and transitional upholstery.

Another ongoing trend is a move toward “organic” looks with metal treatments replicating patterns and textures found in nature. Watch for more occasional vendors to offer function, as well Tables with casters allow consumers to accommodate their spaces for parties or family gatherings Lift tops on tables address those consumers who might be eating dinner in front of their televisions Storage function — such as a shelf beneath the top or a sliding top—will let consumers store magazines or gaming components. Some vendors say that if “it doesn’t move, China office sofa manufacturer it doesn’t sell” for a large part of the shopping populace.

Occasional tables typically reflect the entirety of home furnishings sales, and this year was no exception. For retailers, that means choosing an assortment of tables that jive with what’s moving on their floor when it comes to upholstery and related categories such as home entertainment. After all, everyone needs a place to put their feet while binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix.

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