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Office furniture factory in Guangzhou to teach you how to choose office chairs? – MIGE office furniture

Office furniture factory in Guangzhou to teach you how to choose office chairs? – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Among the many office furniture mall, choose a comfortable office chair is very important. Guangzhou office furniture factory that should choose a good chair can be automatically adjusted by adjusting the backrest, the seat and armrests to achieve the greatest degree of comfort. Even with such office chairs are more expensive, but still find value for money.

When choosing office chairs, it is recommended that you get to feel down, and try to adjust the adjustable function, when you sit down, you can casually feet on the ground, his arms fully relaxed, You also need to feel down your back to the waist parts are very satisfied with the support to your short little closer to the seat armrest allows the desk, so you in the choice of office chairs, you can choose the desk to try.
Of course, to make himself sitting very comfortable, resilient cushion chair essential, with a resilient cushion of the chair is very comfortable, but you want to avoid too soft cushion. High density foam is more durable, more wear-resistant leather cladding, of course, but the fine leather will have the place to your satisfaction. At present more of a pentagonal cross replaced the previous round corners fork wheel, use more secure. Select the lower chair with Happy machine, you can adjust the angle, the feelings will be more comfortable to sit down.
Style chair is a lot of tricks, when in use is relatively free, but if used properly, the same one office chair is available in different spatial play not the same function, of course, if it is in a particular environment, then a chair the need to customize according to your needs of your office chair, office furniture factory in Guangzhou following is to teach you how to choose office chairs? Need to pay attention when choosing what? ?
1, office chair height
More formal occasions, people sitting posture comparison. But man’s posture to straighten, you need to sit in a chair in front of relatively “shallow” position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, a situation unlikely to do deeper. So the purchase should first sit, try the seated depth of feeling throughout the body, will be able to know whether it meets office needs.
2, office chair height Legs
Legs height is based on the length of the user’s foot has a relationship, in addition to Barstool class highchair, in general, office chair sitting height are not too exaggerated, but if the user is indeed short stature, then, to require reconsider the next office chair Legs height.
3, office chair armrest height
If it is used to put down your hands who wish to choose a lower or no handrails handrails office chair; But if you like the whole person crouched in the middle of the office chair, then, handrails high chair seat surface deep, probably best choice.
4, office chair back height
Like sat, in addition to the option without armrests, backrest stool, they can also choose low handrails and low-back chair, this time the focus will be on those seated person’s waist; if you prefer to focus on the back and therefore rely on the backrest, then why not choose a high chair backrest, can look back at this time whether the height of the neck nearby. Sometimes the chair backrest height near the neck, but will allow users to habitual neck to ninety degrees angle on the backrest, this way but likely to cause neck injury.
5, the slope of office chairs
Although the impression office chair cushion with backrest seems to be at right, but in fact most of them are a little backwards, the whole people safely ensconced in a chair. Performance more casual office chair, slope greater people sitting just like lying on a chair like.
6, the softness of office chairs
Note softness cushion and backrest are comfortable. If no additional cushion, scapegoat office chair, looking directly at the hardness of the material itself. Additional attention should be paid to use part of the internal filling of the mass, and try to sit after feeling.
7, office chair stability
Note that the structural details of the chair part of the deal, you know the stability of the chair. In particular, this is a single chair to chair legs as the main support of the chair with, but should pay attention to structural problems, such as cards, screws and other joints checks are very important. When a user personally recommend buying try to sit and shake it slightly body, to appreciate the stability of the chair.
These seven aspects Guangzhou office furniture company based on the consumer and experience summed up, of course, there are other options Chair noted, the Guangzhou MiG office furniture is a professional to provide customers with one-stop solution for office furniture manufacturers , if you want to choose a good office chair, may wish to call86- 020-37349654.

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