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Outdoor furniture decorating styles vary by generation and region

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Outdoor furniture decorating styles vary by generation and region

|January 31, 2018 | News

Significantly more Baby Boomers than Millennials, 65% vs. 51% guangzhou office furniture company, describe their outdoor decorating style as traditional, according to a recent study from Furniture Today’s sister publication Casual Living. Despite the difference, traditional is the top outdoor style across all generations.

Just 1% of Baby Boomers describe their style as contemporary or modern, significantly less than Millennials at 13% and Generation X at 10%. For Generation X, modern style is tied with tropical looks as the second-most chosen style at 10%. Tropical is the second-most popular for Millennials at 16%, and contemporary/modern is third at l3%.

Sixteen percent of Baby Boomers identified with a style that was not listed, such as rustic or Americana, the second-highest choice among the age group. That number is 10% more than Millennial respondents that reported the same.

While traditional is still the top decorating style for consumers with outdoor spaces in all areas of the U.S., 64% of respondents from the Northeast describe it as their outdoor decorating style compared with 58% of the South and 56% of both the West and Midwest. At 4%, significantly less of the Northeast indicates that tropical is their outdoor style of choice compared to 14% of both the South and Midwest.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, three-fourths of respondents say that they consider style and design, which is tied with price as the No.1 consumer concern in outdoor furniture shopping.

Generationally, that is not always the case. Although Millennials are the most mindful of outdoor furniture design of all generations, more of them (81%) look for the best price over their preferred style at 78%. Generation X considers design and style just slightly more than price, 73% vs. 72%. Style and price are equally important to Baby Boomers, at 74%.

Price is also more important than design for consumers in the South, at 78% vs. 75%, and the Midwest, at 80% vs. 72%. Of all U.S. regions, the Northeast China negotiation desk manufacturer considers style the most important: Seventy-seven percent of North-eastern consumers say that they consider design and style when looking to purchase new outdoor furniture.

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