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Professional and Dedicated Spirit of Craftmanship – MIGE office furniture

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Professional and Dedicated Spirit of Craftmanship – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Craftsman’s work may be boring and repetitive, yet deeper meaning is hidden inside. Carpentering, for example, is an important handicraft in the past traditional migeof society.


  Wood has been playing an irreplaceable role in Chinese’s traditional life, no matter in house or in various using tools. Carpentering has involved in almost all aspects including building houses, setting up bridge, making furniture, sculpturing and so on. Among these, carpenters who skill in furniture making is well known by common people. Until 1980’s, a convention still existed in Beijing that carpenters would be invited into home to customize furniture, office desk equipped with the professional tools like axe, saw, bevel gauge, ink marker, plane, chisel, drill, file and so on, carpenters made the wood a part of life accompanying the family, even the next generations.


  Less or more, carpentering traditions have been kept in red oak furniture making nowadays. Although efficiency of modern life has been greatly improved with the help of advanced machine, furniture structure and traditional craftsmanship has been remained in the producing process of red oak furniture. There is a great value in traditional carpentering like tenon-and-mortise work, handy engraving and Wax paint, which is not only highly office partition promoted by sellers, but also has attracted consumers. The furniture that spent carpenters’time and patience represent an whole age’s temperament, and it is the cohesion of spirit of craftsmanship.



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