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Purchase of office furniture should pay attention to what? – MIGE office furniture

Purchase of office furniture should pay attention to what? – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Guangzhou office furniture that now a lot of office furniture company’s strength, quality and service have their own differences, in fact, there are also some bad businessmen, office furniture purchase directly related to the employee’s health problems, while the reaction of the company’s image , to find honest, good quality, suited to their needs office furniture company, it requires you to know some of the bad business practices of some of the common fraud.
1, shoddy:

In the purchase of office furniture, office furniture if you buy a greater amount of time, some unscrupulous businessmen will sneak defective products where the customer accidentally into their trap, so, in the purchase furniture, you need to keep your eyes open.

2, do not achieve the commitment, if:

In the purchase of office furniture, you will find that some businesses will use a variety of reasons do not provide information about the promise of quality and efficient after-sales paperwork, but customers in the purchase, will be in the form of an oral promise their customers When problems occur during transport, the customer due to no credentials had to agree out of luck.

3, do not report the real price:

In the major stores, if you buy office furniture, you will find speaking, when customers ask price usually quoted a very high price, when the customer in the bargain, although the cut part of the price, the customer think it is worth the price, in fact, you have been merchants profiteering.

In order not to be business fraud, in the purchase of office furniture, you should pay attention to what?

1, looking for some qualified, fixed workplace merchants;

2, you need to go to the showroom or factory to watch;

3, Case businesses to provide some authenticity, you need to verify the following true or false;

4, businesses related to your commitment, if the quality of after-sales commitment, and other written materials;

5, customers in the procurement of office furniture, you need to do some homework related, understand the industry insider, for businesses to introduce themselves for the reference value.

6, the signing of the contract, the contract note some information must be marked;

Office furniture industry is highly competitive, to long-term development, businesses do not use some of the fraudulent means to make money dirty money, in order to become bigger and stronger, you need honesty, if the office furniture factory in Guangzhou integrity of others, good reputation over the role of advertising to a large number.

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