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Styling and Scale of Furniture Will Impact Home Entertainment – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Styling and Scale of Furniture Will Impact Home Entertainment – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Home entertainment furniture outstripped overall furniture and bedding sales in 2016, which should be up 2.7% to $104.8 million, according to Furniture Today market research. While the category comprises just 7% of total sales this year, it should climb 3.1% to $6.86 billion by the end of 2016. In 2015, home entertainment sales were up 3.4%, compared with a 3.9% increase for all furniture and bedding sales that year.

Home entertainment’s share of overall 2016 industry sales migeof office furniture relative to last year is expected to remain steady at 7%. Drivers in home entertainment continue to be developments in consumer electronics technology, space-friendliness and increasing attention to style in addition to function on consumers’ part. Those factors also have resulted in an ongoing expansion in the category among accent-oriented vendors, who bring their abilities in mixed materials to bear on a category ever more reliant upon modular configurations and consoles. As in home office, function and utility have been historical benchmarks in home entertainment, but portability and wireless connectivity have completely China office desk manufacturer transformed the business model and created exceptional opportunities for growth, according to Lexington Home Brands CEO Phil Haney. Lexington’s Sligh division is a long-time specialist in both categories.


“The home office and home entertainment categories continue to experience a major directional shift that bodes well for those brands whose primary emphasis is focused on design and style,” Haney said. “This category has seen the most dramatic change in the last five years because of the  need for less and smaller components, and the consumer’s growing preference to installing the TV on the wall,” said Hank Long, executive vice president at Hooker Furniture, which has many years of addressing home entertainment as a specialty within its overall business.

“Large wall units, which drove our business for more than 25 years have declined, as well as large console/hutches. Today’s consumer is more likely to choose a more decorative console taking a 55-inch to 60-inch TV and pairing it with China office partition manufacturer bookcases or etageres flanking the sides for a more decorative look.” At the upper end of Hooker’s home entertainment line, consoles from 72- to more than 100-inches designed to accommodate 70- and 80-inch televisions are strong sellers.

“These are usually statement pieces retailing from $1,499 to $2,499,” Long noted. At Martin Furniture, as well, larger, longer, lower consoles are trending. Those are running 84 inches and even larger. “These longer consoles are typically low slug and offer space on the top of the unit for display in addition to the TV and also look great when used with wall mounts,” said Karl Eulberg, executive vice president of sales, marketing and merchandising. “Additional items like piers are now smaller

and functional only for storage of collectables”

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