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The Differences between New and Old Mahogany Furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

People who have a certain understanding of mahogany furniture must know that mahogany furniture can be divided into new mahogany furniture and old mahogany furniture. It not refers to the age of furniture, but the division of trees material migeof furniture it made from. Generally speaking, the old mahogany refers to the traditional mahogany furniture timber. New mahogany refers to the new mahogany furniture tree that just grows in recent years. So, what’s the specific difference between the old and new mahogany? Now let’s find out with the Guangzhou office furniture.

The longer the history of Mahogany furniture, the higher of its value, time decides whether it’s the new or the old. Guangzhou office furniture gives the definition of old mahogany furniture as such: there is a strict standard to old mahogany furniture, that is, the material has placed more than 40 years and the products have finished more than 60 years. The real old mahogany furniture is the fine furniture produced office desk during the mid-Qing Dynasty to the Republican period. According to the material, it should have more than a hundred years’ history. Old mahogany is relatively scarce, the same hard to find new mahogany. The domestic new mahogany resources are scarce because as early as in the 50s of last century, China’s mahogany had been almost all cut down. In addition that the mahogany trees need hundreds or even thousands of years before they can be put into use, now the domestic mahogany trees simply can ‘t meet the needs of the market.



After introducing the definition of new and old mahogany, let’s talk about the differences between the appearance of the two. In color, the new red mahogany general is yellow, both its texture and feel are not as good as the old mahogany. The color of old mahogany is darker, mostly is purple red, and some is similar to red sandalwood, but lighter. Its texture is delicate and pinholes are less than the new sticks. Its density Office Partition and feel are both very satisfied.

So, from the aspect of wood itself, what’s the fundamental difference of the old and new mahogany? Why is the price of old mahogany much higher than the new mahogany? Guangzhou office furniture is here to popularize the knowledge. It turns out that life of timbers will not terminate even after being cut down, its internal fine structures are keeping changing all the time. With the passage of time, the internal structure of mahogany will become increasingly tight, the proportion of its hardness will be higher, and the resistance to deformation will be also stronger. While the new mahogany wardrobes are generally be baked to make them meet the using requirements. But the man-made technical treatment cannot shake the internal structure of the material, in the long-term use, the new products tend to produce subtle deformation, thus affecting the collection value and quality.




As the mahogany furniture is durable, so the more years it exists, the more valuable it will be. Guangzhou office furniture believes that the old mahogany furniture is not only practical, but also has a cultural flavor.



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