The History of Chinese Office Furniture – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

The History of Chinese Office Furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

The development of China’s office furniture has more than three decades if calculated from the contemporary. In the course of decades of development, the domestic office furniture experienced several periods. From the beginning of China office furniture company small-scale production, and the later specialized customization, to the current ergonomic and intelligent trend. The development of domestic office furniture can be said to have went a long way.

The weakest time of domestic office furniture is the first period. As early as the in 80s, foreign office furniture brands had have entered Chinese market. But because of style, philosophy, prices and other reasons, most of the international brand furniture can only provide services for international enterprises and large local enterprises. Since joining the WTO, China began to focus on the design and development of local furniture as well as the exploitation of market. Professional office furniture companies have emerged with rapid growth, who are more office desk suitable for the traditional Chinese concept: high-quality, low-cost and durable. Through continuous learning, they gradually have caught on the international pace.

The development of office furniture has gone through so many ups and downs within years, then where is the future direction of furniture development? The popularity of the network and the development of forward information make the trend of home appliances e-commercial more apparent. So the furniture design is bound to meet the needs of the network world. The future office furniture product  must be designed according to a systematic framework, so that it is no longer a product with a single model or a single function. Therefore, it can deal with the changing post-information age and knowledge-based economy. The systematic design concept, also makes the designers in the spatial planning of the flexibility and personality highlight the corporate image and work requirements characteristics.

Intelligent is the future trend of many industries, the same for office furniture. Holding a post without qualifications can no longer occupy the market, the furniture industry will usher in a road of quality development.

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