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The Top 10 States Household Furniture Income in 2016 By Average – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

The Top 10 States Household Furniture Income in 2016 By Average – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Utah will see the highest growth in population by 4.5% over the next five years from 3,009,085 to 3,144,822. That’s the leading growth rate for all states.

The District of Columbia has the highest rate of growth for household income at 14.4%. The District of Columbia will also see one of the highest growths in population at 4.4%, which explains why it is slated with the highest growth migeof furniture rate overall in furniture and bedding sales.When it comes to average income, after the District of Columbia, Maryland and California have the highest rate of growth in household income at 13.8%. New Jersey’s average household income is expected to grow by 13.7%, and Connecticut and Virginia are slated to grow by 13% each.

The state with the most people is California, with a population of 39.3 million, followed by Texas, with 27.6 million. California’s furniture and bedding sales are expected to grow at the national average rate of 2 1.1%, by 2021, while Texas is expected office desk to grow furniture sales by 2 1.4% between 2016 and 2021, higher than the national average.

Here is the Top 10 states office partition by 2016 population: California: 39,278,004, Pennsylvania: 12,839,655, Texas: 27,617,232, Ohio: 11,651,318, Flonda: 20,388,134, Georgia: 10,262,971, New York :19,823,730, North Cazolina: 10,095,536, Illinois: 12,882,283, Michigan: 9,949,243.

And here is the Top 10 states by 2016 average household income:

NewJersey $116,941

Maryland $116,757

District of Col. $116,677

Connecticut $115,758

Massachusetts $108,020

Virginia $105,523

Hawaii $102,188

California $102,124

Alaska $101,664

New York $100,268


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