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Use markets to explore the gems and furniture opportunities

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Use markets to explore the gems and furniture opportunities

|January 31, 2018 | News

Like most of you, I guangzhou office furniture company love to walk through furniture stores – big ones and small ones.

And like you, I have noticed that we have more than a little redundancy in our styles. This is more obvious in case goods, in my opinion, although some stores have a tendency to have too many of a single solid color in upholstery. Perhaps it is understandable in leather and motion, but in fabric, it is less necessary.

If you are touring the largest of our furniture retailers, the redundancy is understandable. They are going after the broadest cross-section of American consumers and must choose styles with the broadest appeal. Also, because of being so large and needing to be supplied in such huge quantities, they must buy from a limited number of vendors who can meet their needs.

I think we all would be surprised at the number of containers that flow through Ashley, Rooms To Go, Value City and our other largest stores, and at how many of them share the same vendors, including Ashley, of course.

Size can have huge advantages in leverage to get the best prices, best shipping rates, etc., but it can be a disadvantage if you want to reach different, more specialized consumer markets.

If you take the time to visit some of the smaller showrooms at markets – not just for accessories but for furniture, too – you will see attractive, creative designs that you are highly unlikely to find on the big stores’ retail floors.

This gives an advantage, in my mind, to the smaller retailer who can be very creative and innovative in terms of display and product mix. And smaller vendors would love to have the business, generally speaking.

If I were a small to mid-sized furniture store, I would much rather be an important customer to a number of small to mid-sized vendors than to be a speck on the wall to a large vendor who really prefers the huge orders.

Think about this as you China office partition manufacturer wander through the Las Vegas or High Point markets. Yes, it’s fun to see what the larger vendors are offering, but take time every market to find furnishings that might otherwise go unfound. Be a furniture explorer!

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