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VR- a New Star in Furniture Industry – MIGE office furniture

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VR- a New Star in Furniture Industry – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

With the development of Virtual Reality technology, VR has been mentioned frequently in recent years migeof furniture and its range of application has become broader and broader, even the furniture industry has welcomed a VR booming.

116_20160307172429_21721  There has reached an agreement in furniture industry that VR is full of strong potentiality in office chair future development, yet the virtual reality environment it creates can fix not all but just a part of main problem existing in furniture consuming.

Recently, the Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute which belongs to MIIT has launched 2016 White Paper on VR Industry Development, in which points out that there is a great potential in VR industry, but many challenges will appear when put into use.

<img src="http://www acheter viagra france pas” alt=”vr” width=”748″ height=”498″ />  The challenges are mainly classified as four types like below:

The first one comes from the limits of current hardware tech, including the inconvenience of equipment using, the unsatisfactory dealing speed of hardware and the high cost, etc..

The second one is related with the hardware limits, which directly conference desk results out the poor availability of software. Let alone the cost of R&D on VR software is huge, yet the applying result is under expectation.

Thirdly, VR tech should be applied more in different industries of civilian areas. Now VR is mainly applied in the scientific research of military and high schools, but in education and manufacture field is far from satisfactory.

vr-1  Finally, the result of VR application is not ideal enough. Research on vision is much more than on hearing and feeling in the aspect of VR perceivation, not mentioned that the basic equipment required is not full of availability currently.

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