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Classification of Common Desk Material – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Classification of Common Desk Material – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Office desk is designed to work, which is mainly used in business office and government office. Desks can be said is the table that can not be separated from work, and its type and materials are both various.

Like other office furniture, there are two main materials of office desk. One mige is natural materials, the other is artificial materials. Natural materials are the ones like wood, bamboo, rattan. While artificial materials are such as plastic, glass, metal and so on. Different materials can bring people different feeling visually and tactually, due to the processing technology. Because of the characteristics of the material itself, different material will through different manual processing so that the surface texture is more publicity, the smooth material has mellifluence, the rough material has China conference desk supplier a simple appearance, so as the soft material with a sense of skin.

Compared to other office furniture, office desk has more material to choose from, the main material is the desk plate such as plywood wall, solid wood panels, bamboo puzzle, decorative panels, MDF board, melamine board, waterproof board, particleboard and so on. Particleboard is from Europe, which has more than half a century of history. It is a composite sheet processing from the high-temperature and high-pressure. It owns the features of  deformation, surface smoothness, physical properties of natural wood and physically  stable.

In addition, the most common office wood undoubtedly is stickers leather Guangzhou office negotiation desk. Stickers, also known as veneer, this product is the most common one in the office furniture store, and its advantages are low price and good color, but disadvantages are poor quality with short life.

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