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Focus on Originality Elements of Furniture – MIGE office furniture

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Focus on Originality Elements of Furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Steve Noble, vice president at Old Hickory Tannery said that 2016 mirrored previous election years. He added that Old Hickory is focusing on creating original products that offer retailers unique looks for the floor.

“Every election has an impact in the beginning in a negative way.” Noble Guangzhou office furniture said. “For some reason, business always tends to slow up in an election year but once everyone realizes “Chicken Little style” that the sky is not going to fall, order is restored, and business tends to find its normal place. Once the unknown is known, everything settles and becomes stable again.” Although Old Hickory Tannery made the decision not to show at markets a year ago, the company remains committed to introducing its product to retailers. Noble said the approach of inviting buyers to the factory has worked well. we told our dealer base, this (not showing at market) saves us over a million dollars a year,” Noble said. “That helps in giving them deeper discounts on stock and special ordered items. We have our dealer base come to the factory and we put together product here where China office chair manufacturer we have so much we cannot take to a show room.

“And even though we are not showing in High Point, we are still continually creating new product throughout the year as opposed to twice a year. We are able to create items for our dealers that hit their selling demographic and not just build samples for a market hoping it fulfills every selling demographic.” Norwalk Furniture launched a major collection with Company C in 2016 despite the negative rhetoric surrounding the election. Norwalk President Caroline Hipple said that while the divisiveness created during the campaign was “unsettling and China office sofa manufacturer disconcerting,” she is remaining positive about the coming year. “We are not sure of what has been rhetoric and what has been real policy because we have a new administration with no prior performance to use to predict behavior,” Hipple said. “With all of that said I am counting on us. We as everyday people have to keep living thriving and making our homes our sanctuaries, and in times of stress, we can make them cozier and safer and more beautiful It is something we can control and in these times, we will look to act on things we can control.” Norwalk will continue to build on the lifestyle partnership with Company C in 2017, Hipple said. She noted that the 45-piece upholstery collection and 80-SKU fabric offering is curated to coordinate with rugs, bedding and decorative pillows, offering dealers the opportunity to present a colorful, cohesive lifestyle that is fresh and distinctive7 She believes that color will be a key trend in 2017 as an alternative to the linen looks that have permeated the market in recent seasons.

“We believe in the color theory,” she said. “It can brighten an otherwise glum world.” Norwalk is also emphasizing its performance story with fab rics from Crypton Home, Sunbrella and Revolution and offering a curated assortment of 160new patterns that range from “luxurious neutrals to Company C colors,” Hipple said. “Two key words for us at Norwalk come to mind for 2017—authenticity and sustainability,” said Hipple. “With the transparency of social media, we are seeing a developing desire for authenticity so we are working hard to bring our Norwalk story to life for our dealers and consumers.”

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