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Guangzhou Office Furniture Company Teaches You to Choose Fabric Office Sofa – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Guangzhou Office Furniture Company Teaches You to Choose Fabric Office Sofa – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Fabric office sofa has become the most common types of sofa on the market, not only because it is stylish, beautiful and affordable, but also is easy to clean as well as comfortable to use. And thanks to its good characteristics, it has migeof furniture become the first choice when people considering buy sofa. So, in the purchasing process of fabric office sofa, what things we should pay attention to?

As the office sofa is a relatively large object, so the first thing to consider is whether the style matches with the whole office style. Guangzhou office furniture company believes that this is the prerequisite for the purchase of the sofa. When we are selecting the sofa, the first we feel is its style, it’s necessary to take into account the integrality of sofa and the overall space. The contemporary mainstream trend of most the home improvement are modern minimalist, concise European and new Chinese style. But excepting in harmony with the home improvement style, we should also pay attention to the color of overall space should not exceed three kinds.


Although office sofa are office supplies, but its comfort can never be ignored. Guangzhou office furniture company considers that the comfort of sofa almost represents its quality. Sofa seating should be comfortable, the seat and back should be suitable office desk for the body’s physiological structure as well. Besides, small fabric sofa should be placed in a small room to leave the rest space big enough, while large room to put a large sofa and equipped with coffee table to make it more convenient and comfortable.

Sofa filler plays a vital role on the quality of the sofa because it occupies a large part of the sofa material. The most critical standard of the sofa filler is its elastic stretch. When testing, we can make the body sit on the sofa freely, if the body popped up more than 2 times by the sofa cushion, then the elasticity of this set of sofa is good, and its service life will be longer. Also we have to turn over the sofa to look at the sofa spring sheet and the sponge or other fillers to determine the quality, good sofa springs should through rust-proof treatment.


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