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Discussion on Advantages and Disadvantages of Panel Furniture – MIGE office furniture

MIGE Office Furniture

Discussion on Advantages and Disadvantages of Panel Furniture – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Plate furniture is mainly made from the MDF china office furniture or particleboard. Plate furniture is now the most widely used furniture in the world with the largest market share. Due to its low price, as well as good property, it has been used in a variety of places, such as home, office, hotel, public space and so on. Since there are so many advantages of plate furniture, are there no shortcomings? Now, with the Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers, let’s get an all-round understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the plate furniture bar.

To begin with, let’s look at the main advantages of plate furniture. In general, there are six basic advantages of plate furniture as following:

First, it has good moisture-proof property, even in the humid place the furniture will not be deformed.


Second, it can resist high temperature with office chair the solid paint, and it’s hard to wear out, deform or crack.

Third, its high flexibility allows its style can be ever-changing.

Fourth, its high utilization on resource and good property make the ease of mass processing, with low cost.

Fifth, its color and texture are all in an average distribution, what’s more, there is office sofa no color aberration on its beautiful appearance. These allow more changes in design and personality, which meet people’s pursuit of individuality and fashion requirements.


Sixth, it’s environmental protection. The manufacturers use a board called the NAMI MDF board to avoid the use of resin catalyst (including formaldehyde), making the environmental protection grade and physical properties of the plate all better than solid wood furniture.

There is no product is perfect, though. Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers believe that the shortcomings of the plate furniture is not environmental friendly if the veneer is not all be packed. It’s easy to release harmful formaldehyde to the human body.


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