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Follow Guangzhou office furniture understanding MIGE wall panels – MIGE office furniture

Follow Guangzhou office furniture understanding MIGE wall panels – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Siding is calculated by the wall area according to its literal meaning. We usually called high wall panels, high interval , partition walls, high partition , office partition , and so on. However, even if some people call screen. Because the North-South differences , regional differences, and wallboard these popular names are often referred to as multi southern one called .

Wall space is completely cut off , put a professional division wall , not only in the traditional space -delimited function , it is installed in the lighting , noise, fire , environmental protection, convenient, reusable, between production, construction period very short, so clearly superior to the traditional wall. And that is why many companies adopted .

Siding is how to classify ?

1 , can be divided in accordance with the high partition wall

Often used in high- compartment plates relatively high spatial division multiple points, such as privacy : financial room , administrative offices, conference rooms, halls and so on. Primarily as zoning , blocking the line of sight , sound effects, each temperature. The materials used are wood, perforated gypsum board , cement board , lime carbonized wood wool cement boards and panels.

2 , can be classified according to the glass wall

Walls made ​​of glass building glass wall , glass material into single glass , double glazing glass and art glass in three specifications are generally 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, and 12 mm .

Somewhere with wallboard ?

Earlier we talked about some of the features wall panels themselves , but by the characteristics of wall panels , there are many places for people to use. Siding can be applied not only to the office , you can at the Expo , exhibition hall, large and small conference rooms, function rooms , hotels, office buildings, commercial office buildings , luxury villas , universities, banks, hospitals and offices , a large business unit control room, centralized control room , fine processing plant. Today wallboard manufacturers, mainly staring office decoration market , so businesses are accustomed to being called the office wall panels .

Use wallboard materials

Wall lighting effects in all of the most reasonable cut , it can be configured manually blinds , lighting effects may be arbitrary , but can also be used in conjunction with a number of metal plates , the greater the effect of beautifying the space , including the multi- core support structure coupled to the more siding is an ideal space into a nice decorative materials.

Siding with its lines and a lot of visual separation, to establish a simple, concise, layered, transparent , humane , intelligent and comfortable interior space. Wall was cut performance than traditional rivals , but it means changing the old soft partition wall is not only the traditional characteristics of a flame retardant , chemical contamination and excellent security advantages , there are also sound absorbing insulation , dust and surface characteristics , can be cleaned , they can even be any space reused. You can easily make good use of space.

Wall assembly model , assembly and disassembly , easy to transport, even in some of the major changes in the office environment can also be used . With the development of the times, many companies are slowly like to use wall space decoration company .

By introducing the Guangzhou office furniture panels MiG , I think you also need to consider their own space , so that the new changes ? If you’ve always wanted to change to refer to the Guangzhou office furniture panels Are there suitable for you ?

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