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How to Solve The Wooden Furniture Cracking? – MIGE office furniture

How to Solve The Wooden Furniture Cracking? – MIGE office furniture

|August 12, 2018 | News

Even there are many advantages of solid wood furniture, such as natural, good texture,  environmental protection, high-end apperance and so on. But there are some problems, or some solid wood furniture-specific defects of solid wood furniture, that is cracks. A big flaw of solid wood is easy to break, this is the problem that troubled most users. So, why is solid wood furniture easy to crack and how to prevent it? Let’s find out about this knowledge together with the Guangzhou office furniture company.

At the begining, migeof let us focus on the cause of solid wood furniture cracking. Guangzhou office furniture company considers that only understand the reasons can prevent the problems.

First of all is the climate reason, the alternating replacement throughout the year will inevitably lead to the change of humidity in the air, when a lot of solid wood furniture will get thermal expansion, then causing cracking phenomenon. office chair Another reason is that in the produce processing of wood, many workers will cut corners, which may also make solid wood furniture cracking .And the incorrect maintenance in usual use will also cause cracking phenomenon.


After knowing the reasons for easy cracking of wood, Guangzhou office furniture company is here to introduce the method of preventing cracking. Now there are mainly two methods to prevent solid wood from cracking in the solid wood furniture production process. First, sealing the surface of wood to isolate wood from dry or humid air, so to maintain the stability of wood and office sofa control the wood deformation and cracking. Second, drying the wood, make its moisture adapt to the local average air humidity level and maintain a relative balance, so the wood will be not easy to crack. The state provisions of wood moisture content is between 8% -12%, which is in order to effectively control the wood deformation and cracking problems.

So, in the course of daily use, how can users prevent solid wood furniture from cracking? First of all, the Guangzhou office furniture company recommends that solid wood furniture is best not set nearly the radiator. A long time high temperature baking is easy to make wood crack, warp, deform or even cause qualitative change. At the same time, furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, because a long time expansion in wet place will make wood deform, decay and so on. In the purchase process of solid wood furniture, we should carefully examine the moisture content of furniture plates, which can greatly reduce the possibility of deformation and cracking. In general, moisture content of 10% or less is more suitable for southern weather.


All in all, after the analysis, Guangzhou office furniture company sums up that to prevent solid wood furniture from cracking, the most important way is to do a good job of temperature and humidity control. As long as in the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions, solid wood furniture is not easy to cracking or molding.

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